Kindergarten (Mrs. Jagnarine)

 Getting Ready for Kindergarten 2019-2020

Welcome to Mater Dolorosa School. I am very happy that your child will be a part of this school and happier that your child will be a part of our kindergarten family.  My name is Mrs. Jagnarine and I graduated the University of Massachusetts with dual degrees; my first being in Early Childhood Education Degree with and without Disabilities licensed in the state of Massachusetts and my second degree in Psychology. This will be my second-year teaching here at Mater Dolorosa. Prior to teaching Kindergarten, I taught preschool for a year and a half. Kindergarten is my dream come true. I lived in Guyana, South America from birth to fifteen years old with my family after which I have moved to South Hadley, Massachusetts where I reside now with my husband, Jason.  

In our classroom your child will have a safe learning environment where the love for learning will continue to grow. Your child will grow with a love for learning academically, spiritually, and socially. In our classroom I believe that the most important thing for a child is the love for learning and wanting to be at school. Therefore, we practice rules in keeping ourselves safe, our feelings happy, and our friends happy. In our classroom our learning will not be done only at our desks, we will learn through play, watching short videos, singing, and dramatic play-pretending.

Your child’s learning, interest, and growth are my interest. I know that every child is unique and I cannot wait to see our classroom in action this coming August. In Kindergarten one of the most important skill that we will learn academically is to read and write. We will write phonetically which means that your child will not come home with “adult spelling” but with “kids spelling” as I like to call it. As we get older, we will learn the correct “adult Spelling” of the words we spell as we move on to upper grades. Not to rush our growth, but our kindergarten will be fun learning experience for each child. As I believe that it in Kindergarten that each child will understand his or her love for school. I want to be able to have each child love school and love learning. Kindergarten is our home away from home.

In order to get ready for Kindergarten I have compiled a list of supplies that we will be using for the coming school year:

  • A large bag pack (no wheels please, and must be able to fit a folder)
  • Lunch box (we do have snack in our classroom)
  • Water bottle (I allow our children to drink water as needed and it helps from leaving in the middle of our learning to go to the water fountain)
  • Complete change of clothes (I know that accidents can happen) in a labelled Ziploc bag

Supply List for Kindergarten

  1. One pack of wood pencils (no mechanical pencils please)
  2. One pack of colored wood pencils
  3. One pack of Crayola washable markers
  4. One pack of Crayola crayons 24 count
  5. One pack of Crayola Multicultural Crayons (usually the browns- skin colors)
  6. One pack of construction paper
  7. One pack of glue sticks with 6 or more (We will cut and paste a lot)
  8. One Crayola water paint set
  9. One adult large t shirt (to be used when painting)
  10. One large scotch tape
  11. Three small roles of scotch tape
  12. One pair of Fiskars scissors
  13. Two boxes of tissues
  14. Two containers of Clorox wipes
  15. Two rolls of paper towels
  16. Playdough
  17. One small stuffed animal to be left in the classroom- we may read to our animal and we do quiet time instead of nap time

Optional/Wish List

  1. One pack of stickers
  2. Beads for bracelets/necklaces
  3. Buttons
  4. Goggly eyes
  5. Pipe cleaners
  6. Hand sanitizers with aloe (the green colored one instead of the clear ones- so our hands do not dry out terribly

Thank you, 

Mrs. Jagnarine