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Miss Stacey Schmutz (Grade 4)

 Greetings 3rd and 4h grade families!

Please study math facts (addition/subtraction and/or multiplication/division) 15 minutes a night.

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!!

Fourth Grade:


11/17-Chapter 5 Test- open book

11/21 - Thankful Plateful!!


Topic 4  -Addition & Subtraction of Whole Numbers

Starting with 4-3-Adding Whole Numbers, 4-4- Subtracting Whole Numbers, 4-5-Subtracting Across Zeros, 4-6-Draw a Picture and Write an Equation

11/21- Topic 4 test



Social Studies:

Unite 1, Ch 2. Lesson 1- Americans All

(The Earliest Americans, Explorers from Europe, The United States Grows, Immigration, Cultural Riches, Out of Many, One)

Third Grade:


11/17-Chapter 5 test -open book


Topic 3-Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

TBD- Topic 3 test