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Mr. Brian Dooley (Grade 7)

Brian Dooley, M.Ed. 


7th Grade- Class Topics: Religion- "Living in Christ's Service". History- The American Revolution. English- "A Starry Home" "Danger! This Mission to Mars Could Bore You to Death!" and "Future of Space Exploration Could See Humans on Mars, Alien Planets" stories, Vocabulary Unit 4. Literature- Plays.

8th Grade- Class Topics: History- Industrial Growth, A New Urban Culture. English- "The Holocaust" "The Diary of Anne Frank" play, "Frank Family and World War II Timeline", and "Diary of a Young Girl" entries, Vocabulary Unit 4.

 *Important- 7th Grade has a Literature test on "Let Me Hear You Whisper" on Monday 12/4/17 and Tuesday 12/5/17 and a Religion test on Ch. 9 on Wednesday 12/6/17. 8th Grade has a History test on Ch. 20 on Tuesday 12/5/17.