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Mr. Brian Dooley (Grade 7)

Brian Dooley, M.Ed. 


7th Grade- Class Topics: Religion- Child Lures School Program, "Servants of the Kingdom". History- Colonizing North America, The Thirteen English Colonies. English- "Generations" "Learning to Love My Mother" and "Mother Daughter Drawings" stories and group work, Vocabulary Unit 3. Literature- Short Stories.

8th Grade- Class Topics: History- Reconstruction. English- "Rites of Passage" "The Winter Hibiscus" story and Nonfiction Narratives, Vocabulary Unit 3.

 *Important- 7th Grade has a Religion test on Ch. 5 on Tuesday 10/17/17 and a History test on Ch. 3 on Wednesday 10/18/17. 8th Grade has a quiz on the Key Terms of Ch. 18 on Thursday 10/19/17.