Grade 7 (Mr. Koziol)

2018 - 2019 School Year

Dear Students and Families,

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation, and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you as the school year progresses.  

For those of you who do not know me, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mr. Koziol, and I have been associated with Mater Dolorosa School my entire life.  Not only have I gone through this school, but so has my mother, my children, and now my grandchildren.  Over the years, I have had the benefit of serving on the Mater Dolorosa School Board as well as its Financial Council.  It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I have been allowed to teach here at the school I so dearly love.  I have spent the last 40 years in a classroom and have found teaching and interacting with students and their families to be a rewarding experience.  

Just to get the ball rolling, I leave you with this riddle:

Many people have heard this, but nobody has ever seen it. It will never speak back until you speak to it. What is it?

See you in a few weeks.

Mr. Koziol

If you have any questions, my email is

I will leave the following message up from the previous teacher.

ATTENTION: SY 2018-2019 6th into 7th Grade Summer Reading Assignments 

Books: The following books that you will read were chosen from the Summer Reading Book List created by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association (ALA). These books can be bought or loaned out from public libraries.

Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel by Megan Morrison (ISBN: 9780545638265) After leaving her tower for the first time, Rapunzel joins Jack Beanstalker on a perilous journey through the lands of Tyme.

Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan (ISBN: 9780399186219) Sensitive about her height, Julia gains new perspective and self-acceptance when she is cast as a munchkin in a summer stock theater production of The Wizard of Oz.

Assignments: You are to read both books and then write a book report (summary) on each book. The book reports must be at least two pages long and must be typed using 12 pt. Calibri font and double spacing. Both of your papers will be graded according to the rubric found below and will receive separate grades. You will turn in the book reports for Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel and Short by August 31, 2018.

Book Report Rubric






Focus on Book

The entire writing is related to the book.

Most of the writing is related to the book but wanders off occasionally. 

The student provides little to no information that connects to the book.   

No attempt has been made to relate the report to the book.  


Provides relevant and specific details for the book report; these details are described thoroughly. 

Provides relevant details with good supporting details for the book report.

Provides insufficient content and supporting details for the book report.

Provides minimal to no content related to the book.


The book report is very well organized. Ideas flow in a logical sequence with clear transitions.

The book report is pretty well organized. Some ideas seem out of place. Good transitions are used.

The book report is a little hard to follow. The transitions are sometimes not clear.

Ideas seem to be randomly arranged, making the book report impossible to follow.  


Sentence structures are varied and language is precise; there are no run-on sentences or fragments.

Some varied sentence structures with precise language; there are 1-3 run-on sentences or fragments.

Limited variety of sentences and language is simplistic or limited; there are 4-6 run-on sentences or sentence fragments.  

Language and sentence structure are repetitive; numerous run-on sentences and sentence fragments cause the book report to be unreadable.


All of the requirements (two pages in length, typed, 12 pt. Calibri font, double-spaced) were met.

Almost all (about 75%) the requirements were met.

Most (about 50%) of the requirements were met, but many were not.

Many requirements were not met.

Conventions (Spelling and Punctuation)

There are 1-3 spelling or punctuation errors in the book report.

There are 4-6 spelling or punctuation errors in the book report.

There are 7-9 spelling and punctuation errors in the book report.

The book report has more than 10 spelling and punctuation errors.


The book report is completed in a thoughtful and reflective manner by the student; quality effort is evident.

The book report is completed in a thoughtful manner overall but some effort seems to be lacking. 

The book report lacks effort and is completed haphazardly. 

No effort is made to complete the book report as required. 


TOTAL POINTS:              /35 =              %

ATTENTION: SY 2018-2019 7th Grade Supply List



7 Pocket Folders (one for each subject and one for computers)

6 Notebooks (one for each subject)

Colored Pencils

5 Book Covers 

Microphone Headset (only if you don't already have one, for Language Lab)

Optional: Hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, paper towels, tissues.