Preschool Three Year Old Program (Mrs. Aparviz)


  Happy February! 

It is wonderful to see all of the different friendships that have formed over the past months.  The preschoolers have made such great progress socially and in their levels of independence.   

Valentine’s Day Party

We Love having parties in Pre-K! To accommodate the most students we will be having our Valentine’s Day party on Thursday, February 13th.  If you would like to send something in on this day please let me know. If this is not your regularly scheduled day and you would like your student to attend please let me know and we can discuss switching or adding a day for your student.

  •        Students are encouraged to bring in valentines to share with the class. We have 21 students currently. Please encourage your child to sign their name to the valentines themselves. This is a wonderful and fun opportunity to practice handwriting.
  •        Please do not have your student address the valentines to each student. Instead we ask that you leave that space blank. Students get frustrated trying to read all the names and it is too chaotic to have each student try to figure out who each valentine goes to.
  •        Please do not go out of your way to purchase different valentines for the girls and boys. We always end up with a girl super sad she didn’t get the “boy” one or a boy super sad he did not get the “girl” one. Anything meaningful from your student I am sure will be appreciated by both genders.
  •        Please send in 1 large paper grocery bag for your student by February 7th. We will decorate these bags to hold all of their new treasures.


February 3rd-7th                      Mo Willems Author study

February 10th -14th                           Valentines fun

February 17th-21st                                Vacation

February 24th – March 6th                   Dinosaurs

 Important Dates:

Spaghetti Supper:                               February 5thth

Scholastic orders due:                        February 7th

Valentine’s Party:                            February 13th

Ash Wednesday prayer service            February 26thth 9:30 am

Vacation                                            February 17th-21st   

Please keep in mind…

  • Please keep in mind that toys, books and candy should not be brought in from home unless your student has prior permission. Toys and books from home are very hard to share and can get broken or lost easily.


  • Please only send your child in with boots if there is snow on the ground or expected that day.


  • Please utilize your student"s folders to send in paperwork, notes, money for special days, payments, notes from home etc… We check the folders daily. We do try to check backpacks, but if something was put in a small pouch or in your child’s pocket we may not find it and your child may lose it. If you have lost the folder and do not expect to find it new folders can be purchased for 50 cents through the classroom.


  • Lastly….GREAT JOB FAMILIES! We appreciate all that you do, your children are absolutely wonderful, they amaze us and make us laugh every day. We are blessed to be their teachers.

  Should parents have any questions please email Mrs. Kelly or myself or  



 Mrs. Aparviz and Mrs. Kelly