Preschool Three Year Old Program (Mrs. Aparviz)



Parents and Guardians,   

The first full month of school sure flew by and the students are making new friends and actively exploring their new school environment. Some popular centers so far have been dramatic play and the easel. This preschool class LOVES projects of all kinds and we are taking advantage of such eager learners. We have brought out the glue, makers, and glitter earlier this year than ever before and we will be learning scissor skills and safety in the upcoming month.

Now that we are all becoming more comfortable here at school we are working hard on learning through play. The preschoolers are learning many new songs that incorporate sign language and hand movements. This helps the students strengthen their hands for writing, and their minds for learning. Most importantly the preschoolers are learning that school and learning can be fun!

A few reminders from Mrs. Aparviz

  • Birthday Celebrations: We have several birthdays coming up in the month of October and welcome you to bring treats in to share on that day. If you would like to send in treats to share, we have a total of 17 students in the class although we average about 12 students per day. Please shoot me a message and I can give you a better estimate of the number of students expected on that day. Students are welcome to share any treat they would like however we have found that mini cupcakes are a perfect preschool size.


  • We encourage students to bring a reusable water bottle into the classroom. We do ask however that the students not bring in disposable water bottles with a screw on cap. The screw on cap poses a choking hazard to the students and the students tend to spill with them. If you would like to use disposable bottles the ones with a “sport top” are recommended.


  • If your child gets their clothes changed at school, please remember to replace their extra clothes supply. Also with the changing weather that we expect in the fall please check that they have season appropriate clothes to change into. Long pants and t-shirts work best in the fall.


  • When dressing your child for the day please keep in mind that we are working to foster your child’s independence and snaps or buckles, and tight fitting bottoms can be difficult for your little ones during bathroom trips throughout the day.


  • Mater Dolorosa has begun to collect Box Tops for Education.  Please send in whatever you can to benefit our students. 



September 30th -11th - We will be focusing on colors and shapes, Students will participate in color experiments, shape games, and colorful shape crafts.

October 14-31st - Our theme these weeks will be a not so scary Halloween with monsters and pumpkins and ghost counting, oh my!