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Mrs. Christine DiVenuto (Kindergarten)

Hello Families,
Here we are having another short school week. We will try to get as much work completed as possible.
Today the students heard the story Seeds. It does seem silly to talk about seeds as it snows outside, however the seed catalogs are out and it is ordering time. The class will be placing Lima beans in moist jars and watch how the seeds sprout.  The vocabulary words are; seed, sprouts, root, pit, pod  and stem. 
The math lessons continue to work on the numbers 0-31. The children did a great job working as a group and determining less than, equal to and greater than when comparing two numbers.  This chapter should be completed next week.
The weekly Religion lesson will focus on God's gift of friendship. During the introduction of this lesson, the class had many wonderful things to say about what a friend is. They focused on kindness, compassion and empathy (in their own examples). I was very proud of them and am sure all of you are proud to. What a wonderful bunch!
We will finish learning about Martin Luther King Jr. The children learned about his dream and they each wrote down their own dream. They include many kind and inclusive ideas.
I hope to see all of the children Wednesday, but Mrs. Rex said to keep an eye on the news for cancellations. 
Have a great week.
Christine DiVenuto