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Mrs. Christine DiVenuto (Kindergarten)
Monday MailHello Families,
     We are off to a great start this week. The children will bring home the Family Times from the reading program. This week we are reading Building Beavers. This is a non-fiction selection that has many facts about beavers.  If you would like to bring your child for an up close look at beaver things, Bray Lake in Holyoke is a great place. You are able to see some beaver lodges and many trees that beavers have taken down on the loop trail. 
     The vocabulary words for Building Beavers are; lodge, paddle, river, stream, lake and beaver.
     Today the class was introduced to long vowels. This is not part of the reading program, however some of the children are doing such a great job sounding out words; I wanted to give them the tools to progress. They have also been learning about silent e's and Y's on the end of words. They may be able to tell you the rules in the songs "If there  is an e on the end".   What an amazing group of children. They are loving to "show off" their reading. Please have your child read the reader books that go home with them.
     This week the class will complete Topic 14 on shapes. Topic 15 also focuses on shapes.
     The class will also complete the weather unit in Science. It is great that they are working on this unit after seeing the meteorologist and Toto the Tornado Kitten. In particular they will be learning about different ways weather is measured.
     This Thursday, the class will be attending Mass for Ascension Thursday. Mass will be at 9:30. Please join us if you can.
     Last week we were fortunate and released six Painted Lady Butterflies in the courtyard. We are still waiting for the Praying Mantis eggs to hatch.
     Your child may bring in a water bottle to use during the day. Last week was quite warm, we like to keep the children hydrated.
     Please contact us if you have any questions. We appreciate all you do for your children's education.
Have a great week.
Christine DiVenuto