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Mrs. Cindy Gilardi (Grade 6)

Tuesday,  May 30, 2017

Memorial Day is a time to remember all those who sacrificed their lives protecting our freedom.

Sixth grade homework due Thursday, June 1st

English/Writing:  Believe It or Not:  Research any outrageous or unbelievable fun fact.  We have discussed this in class; remember the headless chicken.  Write a research essay (approximately 250 words) on your amazing find. 

Grading guideline               

Research                                                                                 20 pts.

Essay Clarity                                                                           20 pts.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice                 20 pts.

Written Presentation                                                              20 pts

Oral Presentation                                                                    10 pts.

Bibliography                                                                            10 pts.

            If you have an unbelievable essay, we can look up your amazing fun fact on our big screen.  Remember Mike, the chicken! We will discuss this assignment in class.  It will count as a full English grade.


Reading Comprehension Test, Thursday, June 1st

Social Studies, The Renaissance, Thursday, June 8th

Check school calendar pertaining to end of the year events 

Proud to be an American! Mrs. G