Grade 5 (Mrs. Wresien)


Welcome to the ELA page!  This page will be updated weekly according to what our curriculum will be for the following week.  We have a lot to cover as each grade has its own curriculum.  If there are ever any concerns, please send me a message.  I can be reached through my email as stated at the top or by calling the school and leaving a message.  I will return your call as soon as I am able.  I am very happy to be on such a great staff.  I have been in the school for the past eight years performing different roles.  

Week of May 30 - June 2

Grade 5 ELA

The fifth grade will write the final draft of their book report.  We have field day on Thursday.  We also will be starting a first draft on the history outline they have aready done and the trip we took last week to Boston.

Grade 6 ELA

The students will fbe using My Perspectives ELA book. We will be reviewing the story Monkey Master.  Correcting all questions asked in the Comprehensive Check. Moving on to another short story by Julius Lester and answering all questions in the Comprehensive Check.  Thursday is our Field Day.  Friday we will reviewing the Unit on How peoplw and animals relate to each other.

Grade 7 ELA

The studnets will finish reading Flowers for Algeron.  Questions will be answered as a test on the comprehension of the story.  A short summary will also be written.  Field Day is Thursday.

Grade 8 ELA

The students will be on a Fiels Trip to Boston on Tuesday.  Wednesday they have the day off.  Thursday is Field day.  Friday we will reviewing their final draft of their book report  as it will be handed back.

Grade 5 Religion

The class will be reading and discussing self awreness and the awareness of others through Jesus in our Relion Books.  

Marlene Wresien