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Grade 5 (Mrs. Fedora)







"I plead with you - never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged.  Be not afraid."    Pope Saint John Paul II

"You are the light of the world....your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father."   

Matthew 5: 14-16

Week of 9/21/20

*Please remember masks, extra water bottles, snack, and school supplies.

EXPECTATIONS:  Students are expected to be responsible and respectful at all times.  Although I have eased into the new school year to allow for so many months without any face-to-face contact with classmates and teachers, as part of the Middle School Team, students are to be prepared for class.  Homework, participation, and effort/attitude are factored into final grades.  Please help your student "get back into the swing of things", as hard as that may be.  Thank you to all for your support - "MD Strong, Pass It Along".........

Prayers and blessings,

Mrs. Fedora

Grade 5

Religion - Unit 1 lessons in "Spirit of Truth" textbook; finding Scripture in the Bible; Saint of the Day (franciscanmedia.org);visible and invisible signs of God's Creation.

ELASpelling - Week 2 Long Vowel VCV; Spelling Test Friday, Sept. 25;  Unit 1 Progress ELA literature selections continued (inferring, details, theme, main idea, using text evidence to answer reading response questions);Vocabulary Workshop Unit 1-VW Unit 1 test Tue., 9/29th; Grammar/Writing-Sentences lessons and practice.  

Social Studies - Map Skills - continuing - 4 Hemispheres, 7 Continents, major oceans.

Grade 6

ELA - Progress ELA Unit 1 literature selections continued (genre, theme, details, main idea, using text evidence to answer reading response questions); VW Unit 2 spelling/vocab words (VW Unit 2Spelling/Vocab test Friday, Sept. 25; Writing Process; Grammar for Writing; Parts of a Sentence (Complete vs. Simple Subjects and Predicates).


Grade 7

ELA - See Grade 6 above.

Grade 8

 ELA -   Progress ELA literature selections continued (genre, theme, main idea, details, inferencing - using text evidence in reading responses); VW Unit 2 words/ spelling & definitions-VW Unit 2 spelling and vocab tests Friday, 9/25; Writing Process-getting back into writing, choosing topics, expanding details; types of sentences.


Mrs. Fedora