Music (Mrs. Bradshaw)

Hello Everyone!!!

I wanted to take this chance to introduce myself.  My name is Jenny Bradshaw and I am the new music teacher here at Mater Dolorosa.  I'm am beyond excited to have the opportunity to make music with all of your children.  A little bit about myself.  I have loved music since infancy.  I studied classical piano my entire life, culminating with a bachelors degree in Piano Performance as well as a Masters Degree in Historical Keyboard Performance.  During my masters I also became Kodaly certified and specialized in early childhood music education as well as secondary choral education.  I have an incredible husband, a wonderful daughter, and a very strapping, adorable baby boy! Aside from my family and my faith (ok and maybe food ;) ) music is my greatest passion.  And I love to share that passion with my students.

Music has great power to bridge gaps and connect people in ways that are quickly being lost in todays fast paced and high tech culture. My goal as a teacher is to help each student connect with themselves as well as their classmates and even their community.  I will accomplish this by giving them the musical tools they need be musically literate and express that literacy.  All students will learn how to sing in tune as well as read music and sight sing with SolFa.  They will not only learn how to appreciate great music, but they will learn how to make it as well.  

Over the next month and a half we will be preparing for our Christmas Singing Festival.  Each grade is learning songs and carols that they will perform for you.  Though it is only my first day I am impressed with your children's aptitude and love of singing.  As we know more specifics for date and time we will let you know so that you can invite all your friends and family to enjoy your children's beautiful voices.

So as we come into this holiday season, lets take time to sing together and I think we'll be amazed at how close we can bring our families, our school, and our community

I can't wait to meet you all!