Music (Ms. Sears)

Dear Mater Dolorosa Families,

If you were able to attend our Christmas Concert, on Dec. 20th, you learned that Mrs. Bradshaw, our
music teacher, was leaving us, due to her having a baby in a few months. You also learned that we
have hired a replacement for Mrs. Bradshaw, Ms. Margaret Sears, who was introduced, at the end of
the concert. As a more formal introduction, and for those who were not able to be with us at the
concert, I would like to share a brief bio, submitted by Ms. Sears. You will see that she has
quite an impressive background in music and overall in education.

Ms. Sears writes, “I am delighted to accept the position of music teacher at Mater Dolorsa School.
Having received both my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Music Education from Boston University, I
spent over 20 years teaching elementary school music in public and private schools. Upon receiving
my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Southern Illinois University, I moved into the corporate
world as Director of Education. After almost 30 years as an adjunct instructor in the Creative
Arts and Learning Division of the Graduate School of Education at Lesley University, I retired and
moved to Holyoke from the greater Boston area last spring. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone
at MD and sharing the beautiful gift of music.”-Margaret F. Sears, PhD

Ms. Sears’ first day with the students will be Wednesday, January 8. As of right now, Ms. Sears
has agreed to be with us till the end of the school year. She and I will be discussing the future
as we get closer to the end of the school year. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to
reach out to either Ms. Sears or me. I know you will all join me in helping to make Margaret’s
time with us a wonderful one.  Please check back shortly for new from Ms. Sears.