Grade 4 (Mrs. Wall)


Dear Parents and Students,


* Please sign or initial your child's agenda every night.  They write important information as well as their homework assignments daily.  Thank you!

Also, please make sure your child completes his/her homework and returns it in their yellow homework folder every day.  Thank you again!


Just a few notes about the upcoming week:

Report Cards were sent home on Friday.  Please return the SIGNED parent slip by Tuesday.  Thank you!

I will be sending home the information on the February book reports on Monday.  This month's book report is a Presidential Biography.  I did order the posters that are the main part of the book report and will distribute them when they arrive at the school.  Please send back the signed parent acknowledgement form attached to the packet.  This is 10 points of their total grade.  Thank you!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Catholic Schools week last week!  On Monday this week, if your child brings in a $1 donation, they may wear their favorite football or sports team shirt/jersey and dress down in honor of our SOUPER BOWL.

*The Holyoke Gas and Electric Co. will be visiting our school on Tuesday for a presentation

We will be working on our 4's times tables this week! Practice your facts!  We have dropped down to A MINUTE timed tests with an incentive.  If your child receives a 100 on their mad minute, they will not have to do that test again the rest of the week or have times tables homework.  Your child will have a try at this every day of the week.  However, the score they receive on Friday becomes their grade.  It's very important to know our facts by heart and quickly.  We will begin our topics on Division this week.  This will be including long division very soon!!

In addition to our regular Religion curriculum, this week I will be asking your child to take out a book on a Saint from our school library.  We will be researching Saints and creating a poster on our chosen Saint.  This will be an in-school project.  I have just ordered these posters as well and we will begin work on them upon their delivery.  Upon completion, we will share our Saints with the class.

Spelling Test will be on Friday

We will begin Unit 8 in our Vocabulary Workshop books this week

We are learning about the Southeast Region of the United States in Social Studies

We are working on our Weather unit in Science.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


Mrs. Wall

 Our Specials are as follows:

Mondays: Music for Masses

Tuesdays: Gym (Wear your gym uniforms!) & SPANISH

Wednesdays: Computers

Thursdays: Art & SPANISH

Fridays: Music and Library (don't forget your library books!)



 Parents: feel free to contact me with any questions you may have via email at