Grade 4 (Mrs. Wall)

September 1, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

We had a wonderful first week back to school!  This coming week we will try to get into our daily routine.  The students will now only switch and go to Mrs. Wheatley for about a half hour a day.  She will focus on grammar with them, and I will be teaching the remainder of English Language Arts, as well as all other subjects.  I also will be the only one they will get homework from.  Homework will be given Monday-Thursday and will consist of a times tables 3 times each sheet, A Reteach and Daily Common Core paper (this is always 2 sided), and a spelling sheet.  We will have spelling tests on Fridays.  Also, we have begun our mad minutes tests daily.  The students will be starting off at 2 minutes timed.  Once we have gone through all our times tables, we will circle through again and it will be a minute timed with an extra incentive!  I will inform all of you and the students of this later on in the year once we get there!  Please make sure your student practices their multiplication facts daily!! Long division and more complicated math is introduced this year and it will be extremely important that they know their facts by heart!! Also, Agendas will be going home daily.  Please sign them nightly.  Your child will be writing their homework assignments as well as anything important you may need to know that is happening in our classroom.  Thank you! 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their long weekend!!  Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Wall

 Our Specials are as follows:

Mondays: Music for Masses

Tuesdays: Gym (Wear your gym uniforms!)

Wednesdays: Computers

Thursdays: Art

Fridays: Music and Library (don't forget your library books!)



 Parents: feel free to contact me with any questions you may have via email at