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Grade 4 (Mrs. Wall)



Dear 4th Graders and families,

Last week was a wonderful first week back to school! We all did a wonderful job learning new routines and procedures! The children are settling in well and I'm so proud of them!

This week, as you may have noticed, homework has begun.  Homework is given Monday-Thursday nights and consists of a Math Reteach paper that "reteaches" our math lesson for the day as well as a common core review of skills on the back.  Also, a times table sheet will also be included.  Times tables are to be written 3 times each (the zeros facts do not need to be included), and a Spelling sheet.  Your child should also be studying their math facts daily.  Spelling tests will be on Fridays, so your child should study their words nightly as well.  Homework Folders and Agendas go home daily and should be checked as your child writes important information in them.  Please REMEMBER to bring back homework folders and agendas every day!!

We have also started our daily mad minutes tests.  We begin our year in 4th grade with the 2's and the children have 2 minutes to complete a test on their math facts for the week.  Mon-Thursday are practice tests, Friday's mad minutes test gets taken for a grade, so study those facts!! When we finish all our times tables 2-12, then we start over again and time is reduced to a minute! I will explain more toward the middle of the year when this will occur.  It is extrememly important to know your math facts by heart this year, especially when we get into long division!

Specials will begin next week on the 14th and are as follows:

Mondays: Art

Tuesdays: Gym (wear your gym uniforms)

Wednesdays: Computers

Thursdays: Spanish

Fridays: Liturgical Music


Mrs. Wall

P.S. Just a reminder: You will also need to send in a water bottle DAILY, as our drinking fountains in the hallways will not be utilized as well as a snack for your child.




4th Grade Supply List



  • Tissues-(cube boxes preferred as your child will keep their tissues in their own bin at their desks) 10-12 cubes needed for the year.
  • Paper Towels-3 rolls
  • Clorox/Lysol wipes-3 containers
  • Hand Sanitizer pumps (Smaller size for your child to keep at their desks) perhaps 6 to start
  • Sponges for the nurse
  • 2-3 packages of Ticonderoga pencils, sharpened
  • 1 package of RED pens for correcting
  • 1 package of blue or black ERASEABLE pens
  • 2 packages of Expo SKINNY black dry erase markers for our dry erase boards
  • 1 package of SKINNY magic markers(8-12 pk)
  • 1 package of wide tip magic markers (8-12 Pk)
  • 24 pack of Crayons
  • pair of  child/youth size scissors with your child's name labeled please
  • a package of glue sticks
  • 1 package WIDE RULED filler paper (No Notebooks!)
  • 3 Folders-1 for Math, 1 for Computers, 1 for Spanish
  • a bottle of white school glue
  • 1 package of 12 Colored Pencils
  • 1 package of highlighters
  • 2 Containers of WET ONES hand wipes
  • 1-2 HARD PLASTIC Pencil Case(s) to hold all their markers and supplies.  PLEASE NO SOFT CASES DUE TO COVID.
  • a Ruler that measures in both inches and centimeters
  • MASKS and/or Face Shields are mandatory.  At least 2 should come to and from school EVERY DAY
  • 2 packs of MULTIPLICATION Flash Cards (1 for in school and 1 for home practice)


*PLEASE DO NOT send in Sharpies, little erasers, mechanical pencils, pencil sharpeners, or extra little toys/do-dads