Grade 4 (Mrs. Wall)


Dear Parents and Students,


* Please sign or initial your child's agenda every night.  They write important information as well as their homework assignments daily.  Thank you!

Also, please make sure your child completes his/her homework and returns it in their yellow homework folder every day.  Thank you again!


Just a few notes about the upcoming week:

I sent home the information for our March book reports .  Your child needs to choose either a fable, Legend, or Myth.  This is a 5 paragraph book report that should be written neatly or typed.  The student should continue working on these.  They will be due on March 31st.

I also sent home a thick packet that explains the 4th Grade Invention project that we do for the Education Fair on April 15th.  Please pay close attention to due dates.  I went over the packet with the students on Friday and will hand out the journals they are to use for the projects on Monday.  This project will count for 2 Science grades.  The next due date for the Invention project is Monday, March 30th when we return to school.  Happy Inventing!!

Because of Coronavirus Pandemic, we will be closed down for 3 weeks.  Monday, March 16th Parents may come in to pick up the supplies and materials their child will need to complete the assignments I give every day. Pick up time will be between 10-2pm.   I will NOT be utilizing Google Classroom.  This website will be where I post the assignments daily. Please don't go ahead in the lessons.  Each lesson builds upon the lessons before it.  We don't do that in school, I don't want or expect your child to do that at home.  I do expect your child to still be working on their book report and Inventions projects in addition to our daily assignments.   Upon our return, I will need your child to bring back everything that was sent home.  Thank you!

Also, No April Book Reports will be assigned.  Your March book report as well as your entire invention project will be due upon our return to school.

***I will be leaving the previous days' assignments below the present days' assignments in case you need to see what was due that day.


****I told the students on Friday, since we are no longer having an Invention Convention or Education Fair, the Invention project is no longer MANDATORY.  If they would still like to do the project, they are welcome to for extra credit in Science.  However, they do not need to, it will not affect their grades!

**The March book report is still due however.Please email me the completed book reports by Tuesday at 11:59pm!  There will be no April book report but the students are welcome to start reading for their May book reports that will not be due until the last school day of May.  It is a free choice. However-NO GRAPHIC NOVELS!! A little hint about the project?-They will be creating a time capsul!

 I am no longer posting assignments on this website.  Please check our Google Classroom and your emails DAILY!! I still have 3 of you that need to join! I have also sent parents and students their invitation to join our Zoom meeting tomorrow morning at 930! We will be taking our spelling pretest together, so make sure you have a pencil or eraseable pen and a sheet of notbook paper folded in half like we do in school . Also, 4th graders-please check my message about our new rules for our zoom lessons. I'd like you to leave me an "ok" to show me you read and understand the rules. Thank you!! "See" you tomorrow!!

Also, please join Google Classroom.  You all should have received an email to join.  I have been posting the assignments this week in there and you are able to turn them in for me to correct and return to you!  I already received a couple of today's spelling assignments! Thank you and great job, kiddos!

I have created a Google Classroom to post assignments in! I have invited all the students to join using their school email addresses!  Please Check your emails!


Assignments for Tuesday, March 24, 2020:

How was everyone's "snow day" yesterday?  I hope you were able to get outside and have some fun in it! I am taking it easy on assignments this week.  I may have overworked all of you last week and many of us had trouble completing the assignments.  I have set up a google classroom and sent each of you an email to join.  I posted assignments and gave them a due date. I am reposting them here as well for the time being

RELIGION-Say your prayers!!

Finish taking notes, transfer your information to the small posters I gave you NEATLY.  Give your Saint a face and color in the entire poster nicely.  This is due on Friday.

ELA: Spelling page 89 due Wednesday!

Math: Practice 11-4 Equivalent Fractions AFTER I have re-taught you by ZOOM conference either tomorrow or Wednesday morning.  This will be due Wednesday night.


Hopefully I will "see" you all soon for our online class!

Miss you all bunches!

Love, Mrs. Wall

 3rd GRADE RELIGION: say your prayers!!  Take notes on your assigned Saint.  You have been assigned a Saint through your parent's email addresses.  PARENTS: you will need to find your child's assigned Saint in the link I sent to your emails.  The children are to take notes on their assigned Saint this week.They will then be transferring their notes to a "Saint Poster" link I will send at a later date.  I have sent an email to your child's school email adress to join the 3rd grade religion google classroom.  I will start posting our assignments there today, March 26th.

Assignments for Friday, March 20, 2020: Happy Spring and TGIF!!

*I'm sure it's been a long week for all of you and I know it's been a long week for Mrs. Wall as well! I am going to take it easy with the assignments today, so many of us can catch up if we're feeling overwhelmed or behind! 

Religion: Say your prayers (The Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Act of Contrition, and the Apostle's Creed)

Also, find in your religion folders the packet of "The Stations of the Cross"  Read through this once yourself and once with a family member. 

ELA: Have one of your parents give the spelling test to you!  Do your best!  Catch up on any ELA work from the week you still need to complete!

Math: Write your 6's and 7's times tables 3x each, play a game of multiplication war, use your flashcards, or catch up on Math from this week!

No Science or Social Studies today! I want you to catch up on any work you haven't been able to complete yet this week!

Also, We were scheduled to have no school already on Monday, so Mrs. Donelan has said that no assignments will be assigned on Monday!  Enjoy your 3-day weekend!  Get outside for some fresh air and play!

I am missing you all more than you'll ever know!  Be those good kiddos that I know you are, say your prayers and listen to your parents!

Love, Mrs. Wall


Assignments for Thursday, March 19, 2020:

Religion: Say your prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, The Apostle's Creed) Find the Lent packet in your Religion folders and Read pages 336-337.  Complete the activity on page 337.  I know we already made crosses like this on Ash Wednesday, however I'd like you to do something similar on this cross.  Write neatly and color it in nicely!!

ELA: Spelling page 88 and study for your test tomorrow.  Also, I'd like you to write spelling sentences for all the spelling words on a lined piece of paper.  Make sure to watch your spelling and punctuation!!  They should also be quality, 4TH GRADE SENTENCES!!  No little 4 word sentences-we're almost 5th graders and I want you to show me that!!

Math: Practice Page 11-3 Multiples.  Complete the entire worksheet and tell me on the back of the paper what "Multiples" are.  Give me an example using whatever number you'd like but I want your example to show the FIRST 7 multiples of that number.  On a lined piece of paper, write your 6's and 7's times tables 3 times each. (6's 3x each and 7's 3x each)

Social Studies: Find the Chapter 7  Vocabulary Review pg. 50 and use the glossary in your books to complete the definitions.  This is a quiz grade.  Write neatly please!!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and are being good for your families!!  i'm missing you all so much!!

Love, Mrs. Wall


Assignments for Wednesday, March 18, 2020:

Religion:      Say your prayers, (Act of Contrition, The Apostle's Creed) Finish taking notes on your assigned Saint.*remember to keep the Saint Cards in your religion folders.  They will need to be returned.

ELA:  Spelling page 87, Target Comprehension Exercise 7-Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!

Also, In your Vocabulary Workshop books Read pages 88-89 and do pages 90&91 only.  Highlight and fill in the words like we usually do.

Math:  Do Practice page 11-2. Prime and Composite numbers.  On the back of the page, Explain to me what a Prime number is as well as what a composite number is.  Practice your math facts with flashcards or play a math game!

*Don't forget to do your assignments from Mrs. Godbout for Computers!!

Science:   Read Lesson 3 on pgs 79-89.  Do the little activities on the way, and also underline or highlight important information.  Do Sum it up and Word Play on pages 90-91.  Also do Unit 2 LESSON 3 QUIZ  AG16 will be at the bottom.  It should say "What is Technology?"

That's a lot for Science today, so I won't be assigning Social Studies!

I hope you all are staying healthy!

Love, Mrs. Wall

Assignments for Tuesday, March 17, 2020:

Religion:   Say the act of contrition, The Apostle's Creed. Find your packet titled, "Lent" in your Religion Folders.  Read pages 334&335 (cross off 333 it may have copied wrong).  Answer the Activity on page  335 in complete sentences!!

ELA:  Spelling Worksheet page 86

Read in your Reading Street Books, pages 521-533.  On page 534 Please answer questions 1-3 in complete sentences on a lined piece of paper.

Math: Please find the Factors worksheet (Practice 11-1) Complete this page and at the bottom, I'd like you to tell me in written words what "Factors" are.  Bonus points if you're correct!!  Play mutiplication war if you have a standard deck of cards (remember Q & K= 12, a J=11, and an A=1) or practice your facts with flash cards!

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Read pgs. 210-213 in your Regions books and do workbook pg 49 Lesson 4: The Glittering Cities.  USE YOUR BOOKS!!!

No Science work today! You may have assignments online from Senor Garcia.  However, I have nothing to do with Spanish.  He may have been instructed to give you assignments elsewhere. 

Get outside for some fresh air!!  Have a great day!

Love, Mrs. Wall


Assignments for Monday, March 16, 2020:

Religion: Say the Act of Contrition, The Apostles Creed, Begin taking notes on the Saint I've assigned to you.  The Saint Cards NEED TO BE RETURNED.

ELA: Spelling Worksheet #1 (the one we would normally do for homework), Also do the next Target Comprehension passage and answer your questions IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!!

MATH: I am sending home another sheet for fraction strips.  Color Code them any colors you want and cut them out carefully like we did on Friday.  You can use these for some of the upcoming lessons.

The Reteach papers I usually give for homework will be how you will have to learn these concepts.  The Reteach papers tell you at the top how you are suppose to be completing the math.  Have Mom and Dad help as well!  Once you have completed the Reteach paper, find the Practice worksheet for that lesson in your materials that have been sent home and complete that as well.

Practice your facts at home with flashcards, play multiplication war with a family member with a standard deck of cards, just PLEASE practice your facts.  We will continue our Mad minute tests upon our return to school and they'll be 6's and 7's mixed.  So, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!

Social Studies:Read the next lesson in the Regions book.  I believe it is Lesson 3 of Chapter 7 The Southeast.  Complete the worksheet that goes with it.

Science:Re-read the first lesson that we already spoke about in class and do the quiz that goes with it. We are on unit 2: Engineering.


Thank you and have a great day! Don't forget to get outside and play as well!!

Mrs. Wall

 Our Specials are as follows:

Mondays: Music for Masses

Tuesdays: Gym (Wear your gym uniforms!) & SPANISH

Wednesdays: Computers

Thursdays: Art & SPANISH

Fridays:  Library (don't forget your library books!)



 Parents: feel free to contact me with any questions you may have via email at