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Grade 8 (Mrs. Forest)



Agenda for Week 3/1 - 3/5


Dear Parents and Students,

Wow, I can't believe it is March.......Let's continue to be safe together with following all the procedures and protocols while in school.   Just a friendly reminder that students need to remember their masks, socially distance at all times while in school, have their own personal supply of essential school supplies, snacks and water bottles daily.  Thank you with your ongoing support.    


8th Grade:

Algebra :  We will continue with Chapter 8 on "Introduction to Functions" with Unit 8-3  "Slope of a Line" this week.  During this week we will complete daily in-class / homework assignments to help us prepare for our Quiz on Unit 8-3 "Slope of a Line" that is scheduled for Friday, 3/5. 

  *** Please note we will be using our new Envision Math series to reinforce essential 8th grade math skills, along with our new IXL Program. ***


History: We will continue with Unit 7 "A New Role for the Nation" and complete Chapter 23 "Becoming a World Power".  *** Please note that the Chapter 23 History Test on "Becoming a World Power" is scheduled on Wednesday, 3/3. ****   During this week we will begin to focus on WWI with beginning Chapter 24 "World War I" and with watching a documentary on WWI as well.      


Religion: We will continue with Unit 2 on "Church History" this week, along with focusing on Saint Joseph and the Lenten Season.  We will have special discussions about Saint Joseph and Lent, along with completing Unit 2 - Lesson 5 "AD 100 to 500: Witness of the Saints" and Lesson 6 "AD 500 - 1000 History" this week.    *** Please note that during Lent that our class will participate in "Stations of the Cross" weekly on Fridays.  ***


 6th /7th Grade Math:

We will continue with Topic 3 "Numeric and Algebraic Expressions" with Lesson   "Write and Evaluate Numerical Expressions" during this week.  There will be daily in-class / homework assignments to help us prepare for our Quiz on Topic 3 - Lesson 3-3 "Write and Evaluate Numerical Expressions"  that is scheduled for Friday, 3/5.    *** Please note that we will continue to focus on our multiplication facts that are essential to help us be successful in math with weekly "timed" cumulative multiplication facts quizzes.  *** Our next "Timed" Multiplication Facts Quiz is scheduled on, Wednesday, 3/3 this week. ***


5th Grade Math:

We will begin Topic 6 "Use Models and Strategies to Divide Decimals" with Lesson 6-1  "Patterns for Dividing Decimals" this week.  There will be daily in-class / homework assignments to help us prepare for our Quiz on Topic 6 - Lesson 6-1 "Patterns for Dividing Decimals" that is scheduled for Friday, 3/5.   We will also continue to focus on our multiplication facts each week with weekly multiplication facts quizzes.  *** The next Multiplication Facts Quiz on Lesson 10 - Part 2 "Cumulative Review" is scheduled on Wednesday, 3/3. ***



Important News and Information


On Tuesday, 3/2 the entire school will celebrate Read Across America Day / Dr. Seuss' Birthday  We will be reading together as a school, and Mrs. Donelan will be visiting classrooms to read to the students as well.   If you wish, you may dress in your favorite Dr. Seuss character.  If you choose not to dress in a Dr. Seuss character you are to come to school in your regular school uniform. 

*** Please note that all students will be taking an Assessment Test in English, Literacy and Math within the month of March.  This will be a new assessment test that is called "Renaissance Star 360".      



*** Please remember to complete your child's Health Screen Checklist daily.  This link is available on Mater Dolorosa School's homepage.  ***


Have A Wonderful Week,

Mrs. Forest :)