Mrs. Colleen Forest (Grade 8)


Agenda for Week 5/21 - 5/25

In Religion, the eighth grade class will continue with Unit 5 "Returning to the Roots of Christianity”, and complete Chapter 20 "A Prayer for the Church".  The 8th grade Algebra class will learn how to complete the differences of two squares.  The 7th grade Pre-Algebra class will learn how to simplify square roots. Eighth grade science will complete Unit 3 "Atoms and the Periodic Table" with Lesson 1 "The Atom", and Lesson 2 "The Periodic Table".  Seventh grade science will continue with Unit 2 "Reproductions and Heredity" with Lesson 3 "Sexual and Asexual Reproduction" and Lesson 4 "Heredity".    Lastly, the eighth grade Literature class will compete the short theme story, "A Lesson in Discipline" by Teresa Foley this week. 


Important Information/Dates  

Our Spring "Memorial Music Concert" will be on Thursday, 5/24 at 9:30 am in the school's gymnasium.

On Tuesday, 5/29 - 8th Grade Graduation Pictures with "Caps and Gowns" will take place

*** The 8th Grade Field Trip to NYC was so much FUN.  Thank you to all of our 8th Grade Parents who were chaperones, and made our field trip such a huge success!!   *** 


8th Grade: 

Science 8 - Standardize Test Unit 3 "Atoms and the Periodic Table" on Lesson 1 "The Atom" and Lesson 2 "The Periodic Table" on Wednesday, 5/23.

**  Science Final for 8th Grade is scheduled for Wednesday, 5/30 **

Literature 8 - Test on Short Theme Story "A Lesson In Discipline" on Thursday, 5/24

Relgion 8 - "Open Book" Test on Chapter 20 "A Prayer for the Church" on Friday, 5/25

Algebra - Quiz Unit 5-5 "Differences of Two Squares" on Friday, 5/25 

**  Algebra Final is scheduled for Friday, 6/1 **


7th Grade:

Science 7 - Vocabulary Test Unit 2 "Reproduction and Heredity" on Lesson 3 "Sexual and Asexual Reproduction" and Lesson 4 "Heredity" on Thursday, 5/24.  The Standardize Test on Unit 2 with Lessons 3 and 4 is scheduled for Thursday, 5/31

Pre-Algebra -  Quiz Unit 9-2 "Simplifying Square Roots" on Friday, 5/25


Have a Wonderful Week,

Mrs. Forest :)