Grade 8 (Mrs. Forest)


February Vacation

Agenda after Vacation (Week of 2/24 - 2/28)

In 8th Grade Religion we will continue with Unit 2 "Church History" on Lessons 4 - 6 with our Sophia Institute series, along with focusing on the Lenten Season.  The 8th grade Algebra class will continue with Chapter 8 "Introduction to Functions" and will focus on Unit 8-4 on "The Slope-Intercept Form of a Linear Equation".  7th grade Pre-Algebra will begin Chapter 5 "Rational Numbers and Equations" and focus on Unit 5-6 with "Using Multiplicative Inverses to Solve Equations".  While the 6th grade math class will continue with Topic 10 "Rates", and will focus on Lesson 10-5 on "Constant Speed Formula".   Also in the 6th Grade Math class there will be weekly assessment "timed" quizzes to reinforce many math facts.  Lastly in Literature class (7th and 8th), we will begin poetry units in the literature books.   


Important News and Dates 

Thank you to all the Mater Dolorosa students and families that helped with making the 8th grade class fundraiser event for the American Heart Association a huge success on Valentine's Day.  Your generosity is truly appreciated! 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful February Vacation.  May everyone get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your families and friends. 

On Wednesday, 2/26 there will be a Prayer Service and distribution of ashes for Ash Wednesday at 9:30 am in the school's social center.  All are invited to attend. 


8th Grade:

Religion 8 - "Lenten Season"..... Grades 6 - 8 will attend Mass weekly on each Friday during the lenten season at St. Jerome's church.  We will also participate with "Stations of the Cross" weekly as well to focus on the importance of Lent. 

 Algebra 8 - Quiz on Unit 8 - 4 "The Slope - Intercept Form of a Linear Equation" is scheduled for Friday, 2/28


7th Grade:

 Pre-Algebra 7 - Quiz on Unit 5-6 "Using Multiplicative Inverses to Solve Equations" is scheduled for Friday, 2/28


6th Grade:

Math 6 - Assessment Quiz # 6 "Timed Math Facts" on Wednesday, 2/26

Topic 10/ Lesson 10-5 Quiz on "Constant Speed Formula" is scheduled for Friday, 2/28


Have a Wonderful Vacation Week,

Mrs. Forest :)