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Grade 8 (Mrs. Forest)



Agenda Week 9/21 - 9/25 


Dear Parents and Students,

With all the new procedures and protocols, the students are doing an excellent job with getting back into a regular school schedule.  Just a friendly reminder that masks are to be worn daily, and please try to have a "spare" mask available at school just in case.  Thank You with all your support.    


8th Grade:

Algebra :  Continue with our review with Chapter 3 "Solving Equations and Problems" on Unit 3-3 "Using Several Transformations" for this week.  Quiz on Unit 3-3 is scheduled for Friday, 9/25.

History: We will complete Chapter 17 on the "The Civil War" with the Chapter Test on Tuesday, 9/22.  Along with completion of Chapter 17 in our history books, we will complete watching the movie "Gettysburg" and begin Chapter 18 "Reconstruction and the Changing South" this week as well.   

Religion: Continue with Unit 1 "Spiritual Growth".  We will complete units 3 and 4 for this week, along with focusing on "adoration" with Mrs. Sheehan  (Liturgical Music) at the end of this week.  



6th /7th Grade Math:

Topic 4 "Achieving Fluency: Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Decimals" - We will continue with Lesson 4-5 "Multiplying Decimals" this week, as many students needed a little more review on long multiplication facts.  Quiz on Topic 4 - Lesson 4-5 "Multiplying Decimals" is scheduled for Friday, 9/25.  We will also focus on different essential math skills on a weekly basis as well.


5th Grade Math:

We will begin Topic 2 "Adding and Subtracting Decimals" - Lesson 2-2 "Rounding Decimals.  This unit will focus on rounding decimals.   A Quiz on Topic 2 - Lesson 2-2 is scheduled for Friday, 9/25.  We will also focus on our multiplication facts each week with weekly multiplication facts quizzes (usually on Wednesday's).  This week will be a review on the 5's multiplication facts.  



Important News and Information


SMILE...... It's Picture Day on Wednesday, 9/23.  Picture Forms were recently sent home with students.  

** Please remember to complete your child's Health Screen Checklist daily.  This link was provided with the Mater Dolorosa Welcome School letter that was emailed to parents.  Students will not be allowed into the school building until it this form is filled out daily.  **

Students will need to bring in their own water bottle to school each day as the use of water fountains will not be permitted this school year.  Please make sure your water bottle is large enough to supply enough water for you to drink on a daily basis.

Please note that due to safety protocols, students will need their own school supplies and won't be allowed to share items with their classmates this upcoming school year.    


Thank You Again for all your ongoing support. Together we will make this school year at Mater Dolorosa a memorable one!!  

Have a Wonderful Week,

Mrs. Forest :)