Principal's Message

Hello Everyone,

As we quickly head to the end of yet another school year, it continues to be an exciting year working with all of your children. Teachers are expecting high expectations from students. Our school calendar for the months of May and June are becoming more filled than ever with a variety of activities.

Our playground new play area for our 5-12 year olds will be complete by the week of  May 14th week. We hope to paint some Four Squares and even a Hopscotch game for students as well.  Lastly, some permanent basketball hoops are another area of development we hope to complete in the future.

One key to our success for the school is our mission, which follows the spirit of St. Francis, to educate the hearts and minds of the next generation of leaders. We accomplish our mission by living our Catholic identity and providing our students with academic excellence. We continue to keep pace with technological advances and align ourselves with the curricular demands in an ever changing world.  

The second key to our success is our hard-working faculty members who are committed to their students. They nurture their students and instill in them the desire to succeed in the classroom and explore a wider variety of topics in and out of school. The students share in the responsibility of making their community service projects successful throughout the year.

The third key to our success is the parental cooperation and partnership in sharing the goals of our school to uphold the mission, promote a culture of educational excellence, and maintain financial stability in order to ensure the longevity and growth of our school. Teachers and parents share the same goals of wanting the children to be prepared to have a successful high school career. Our students are all equipped to start their journey as lifelong learners by the time they leave us in grade eight.

The end of the year will come and go very quickly but it is important for students to continue to focus on their daily studies until the last test is taken and the school year ends. Thank you for entrusting your children into our care.

God Bless You all and keep you and your families safe,

Mrs. Linda Rex


“Catholic schools prepare every student to meet the challenges of their future by developing their mind, yes, but also their body and their soul and spirit.” David Vitter