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Preschool (Mrs. Kelly)

Happy February!

It is hard to believe that we are in our sixth month of school already. It is wonderful to see all of the different friendships that have formed over the past months.  The preschoolers have made such great progress socially and in their levels of independence.   

If the weather continues to be snowy, I am requesting that you please send your child in with their snow gear every day, if you have not chosen to leave their snow gear at school.  As long as there is snow on the ground and the temperatures cooperate, I would really like to take them out as much as possible.  Please remember if they wear their boots to school, please send in a pair of shoes in their back pack to change into.  Boots get very hot and sweaty all day, and tend to scuff up the floor. 

During non-COVID times, we would be planning a Valentine’s Day party.  Unfortunately, COVID does not allow us to bring in food or favors from multiple households.  It also means that the preschoolers cannot exchange valentines amongst each other.  To try and still have a festive atmosphere, I plan on bringing in a special treat for the preschoolers and a special present from me. 


February 1st-5th                                           Catholic Schools week

February 8th-12th                                Valentines fun

February 15-19th                                 Vacation

February 22nd – February 26th         Dinosaurs

Important Dates:

Scholastic book order due:                 February 12th

Vacation                                                February 15th-19th

Please keep in mind…

  • Please keep in mind that toys, books and candy are not allowed to be brought in from home. Toys and books from home cannot be shared and can get broken or lost easily.


  • In the event that your preschooler returns home in their spare set of clothing, please remember to send a replacement outfit to replace their extra clothes supply.  Bathroom accidents are rare, but snack time spills are not, and we don’t want students sitting in wet or uncomfortable clothing in the cold weather.


  • When dressing your child, please keep in mind that we are working to foster your child’s independence and difficult snaps, belts or buckles can be frustrating for your little ones during bathroom trips.


  • Lastly….GREAT JOB FAMILIES! I appreciate all that you do, your children are absolutely wonderful!  They amaze me, and make me laugh every day.  I am blessed to be their teacher.

Should parents have any questions, please email me at ckelly@materdolorosaschool.org  


Mrs. Kelly