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Preschool (Mrs. Kelly)

April Newsletter    

 Spring is here! I will continue to keep spare clothes in the classroom for accidents or spills. Please keep in mind as the weather warms up our sneaker only policy is still in effect. It is the safest and most comfortable for the students to wear sneakers to play in the mulch or run in the gym.  No Crocs please.  The students are constantly falling out of them while running, and they are constantly stopping to dump mulch build up. If your child insists on wearing the inappropriate footwear, please put a pair of sneakers in their backpack, and I will be happy to have them change their shoes at school as I understand mornings can be difficult.

We have been working hard on learning the capital letters of the alphabet and spelling their name out loud and writing them.  The students have been doing a wonderful job with their letter of the week homework. Just a reminder that the preschoolers should be putting their name on their homework papers before turning them in. This is a great opportunity for your preschooler to practice writing their names, and a great habit to get into at an early age.

Morning meeting allows us to greet one another and bond as a class.  As the students have matured, our circle time has become longer and includes meaningful conversations not just about the weather and calendar, but also our families.  Each day we discuss the days of the week and the months of the year.  Anytime you are able to reinforce these same concepts at home it benefits your preschooler.  Additionally, I strongly encourage everyone to work with the child/ren on scissor skills.  It is difficult to allow cutting practice on a daily basis as it requires a great deal of muscle control, and most, not all, need assistance.  Don’t be scared to try this at home-just remember to set rules about scissors in the house.


April 5th – 9th Spring – This will be a mixed theme week where preschoolers will focus on weather and all things spring.

April 12th – 16th Things that Grow- This will be a theme week where Preschoolers will focus on gardening, how things grow, and will be planting their own flowers.

April 26th – 30th – Amphibians- This theme week the preschoolers will focus on amphibians and their life cycles.

Thanks for all that you do!  The preschoolers are great because of you!  Should parents have any questions, please feel free to email me.


 Mrs. Kelly