Preschool (Mrs. Kelly)


We hope that all of our preschool families had a happy, healthy, and restful Christmas and New Year’s. We are so happy to have the students back in the classroom learning and playing.
 A few reminders from Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Nowak: 
  •  Please remember that drop off in the morning is until 7:45 AM.  Prayer is said at 7:50 AM and we need to be in our room ready.  We have been running later in the social center, and therefore missing morning prayers and important announcements.  When there is a birthday in our classroom, they do make an announcement over the intercom at that time.  The students love hearing their name over the intercom! 
  • If you are running late in the morning, please still go to the social center door.  Ring the buzzer and one of the preschool staff members will go to the door, ask what they are doing for lunch, regular pick up or after school, and bring your child to our classroom.  We created this late drop off for preschool so that the main office does not get inundated with more students during their already busy morning.
  • Progress Reports - Progress Reports will go home at the end of the month.  I will be working with the children individually this month to have them show me what they know.
  • Please remember that we go outside to play as much as we can as long as the temperature is above 25 degrees.  Make sure your child has the proper gear for the day, such as hats, mittens, warm coats, and snow gear and boots when appropriate.
  • If your child wears his/her boots into school in the morning, please remember to have a pair of sneakers/shoes in their backpacks to change in to.  Boots are not allowed to be worn around the school, and wet boots make a mess in the classroom. If your child insists on wearing boots to school and you know that they really don’t need boots (you know those mornings), please put the pair of sneakers or shoes in their backpack.  Please don’t make your morning harder with these arguments.  We will change them out of their boots at school.
Happenings in Pre-3
January 3rd – 6th:  Winter fun We will be doing some fun activities involving learning about snow and building snowmen.
January 9th – 13th:  Arctic Animals We will be learning about all of the different kinds of arctic animals and where they live.  We will tie in some fun projects to go along with it.
January 16th:  Martin Luther King, Jr. We will be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 17th – 20th:  Jan Brett  We will be reading from books all written by Jan Brett who focuses on winter stories.  We will do some fun activities and projects to go along with the stories.
January 23rd – 27th:   Fairy Tales The students will learn about, read, investigate and dramatize some of the classic fairy tales.
January 29th – February 4th: Catholic Schools Week The students will learn about Catholic schools and what it means to us.
Important dates:
January 16th - There will be no school in honor of Martin Luther King Day
**Please keep in mind that there is no spaghetti supper this month.  PTO will be looking for volunteers for the rest of the school months as it will be transitioning to eat-in, not just take out.  I have been a part of these suppers in the past, and they need many volunteers in order for them to run smoothly.  It is also a great way to get those volunteer hours done quickly and socialize with our school and parish communities.   
Any other important dates that come up later, we will post on Bloomz to update all of you.
Thank you for all that you do! 
Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Nowak