Preschool Four Year Old Program (Mrs. Krow)



   February 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the wonderful month of February. This is a very busy month with much to celebrate and study. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching there is a definite feeling of love in the air!  It is the international month of friendship which we will honor with discussions, stories, and encouragement on how to show love to our friends. In the beginning of the month our focus will be on friendships and Valentine’s Day.  We will be having a party at school where your child can bring Valentine’s cards. Secondly, we will spend quite a lot of time talking about President’s Day. We will talk about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as well as many things about our country. It is very hard for preschoolers to understand what we mean by “The United States.” We hope to show them a tour of the White House. Finally, the last week’s focus will be Dental Week.  We will talk about dental care and good nutrition.

Reminders:  Please make sure to label all of your child’s belongings and all communication for the office and classroom.

Please make sure your child has a snack if they will be attending the ASP.

Please remember that any snacks or treats coming in for party or event days must be peanut free.

Please check the Bloomz site for announcements and updates on a daily basis.

Please know that sneakers are much safer for indoor recess than slippers.

Please try to have your child in school by no later than 7:45 AM so they don’t miss morning snack or the school-wide prayers. Also, when your child is a walker please try to pick them up no later than 2:25 PM as we both work the After School Program 2-3 days a week.


February 4th-15th / Valentine’s Day and Presidents

We will be busy making Valentine crafts, listening to stories of love and friendship, paying games and dancing to holiday music.  We will be having our Valentine’s Day party on Thursday, February 14th.  We are asking that the children each bring in 29 Valentine cards to share with their classmates.  Please have the children sign their name on the card, but do not address them to the other students.  Please keep in mind that any treats that go with cards must be peanut free.                                                                                                                             

  Also during this week we will be learning about our country’s leaders. We hope to share some interesting facts about our past presidents and our country’s leaders.  Finger plays, stories and crafts will help enhance this unit.              

February 18th-22nd / Winter Vacation / NO SCHOOL   



February 25th-March 1st / Dental Week

   This week we will take the opportunity to teach our little friends the importance of good dental health.  This theme will hopefully motivate them to take better care of their teeth.  A science activity will show our preschoolers what really happens to their teeth if they don’t take care of them.  We hope our stories, activities and nutrition lessons will be enjoyed by all.


Thank you, Mrs. Krow and Mrs. Judd