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Mrs. Jeanne Krow (Preschool Four Year Old Program )






Getting Ready for Preschool


Welcome to Mater Dolorosa School. We are delighted that your child is part of our preschool family! We look forward to getting to know each child as we grow together this year. Our class will provide each child with a safe and loving learning environment. Each day will be filled with fun and exciting adventures to help your child develop spiritually, academically, and socially. The class will be learning and exploring many concepts and themes throughout this year, and we are excited to begin our journey together.

We hope everyone is looking forward to a joyous summer. It is always such a fun and memorable time of year, especially when you have little ones to experience it with.  Time will move quickly and before you know it; your kids will be heading back to school. We know that it can be an emotional period of transition for the whole family and you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help your child be more prepared for that experience.  We have compiled a list of required items along with some suggestions that you may want to consider as your child prepares to start school.


1) A large back pack (no wheels) Each child will be responsible for packing his/her bag at the end of each day and each child will be expected to carry his/her things. So this summer have your child collect and carry their belongings for a day trip and have them be responsible for the items to the house and back. 

2) Lunch box (no metal) Free hot lunch and snack is provided for all students.  However your child may prefer to bring a cold lunch from home.  Please note that we do not warm up or refrigerate items for our students. Parents, we realize that you may pack your child's lunch with the utmost care, but can he/she open everything when it comes time to eat?  Please have them practice over the summer.  We as parents often take these skills for granted, but they can instill so much confidence in your child. In addition some children at the beginning of the year may be too shy to ask for help. 

3) Sleep items (no toys) Each child will be provided with a basket for their sleep items to be contained in. Your child's blanket, small pillow, and stuffed animal must fit into this basket. 

4) Extra large bag (labeled) Each child will periodically bring their sleep items home to be laundered.  These bags are used for that purpose and will be stored on the bottom shelf of their cubby.

5) Change of clothes (labeled) Each child must bring a full set of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, underwear, and foot wear) in a large labeled Ziploc bag to be left inside the classroom.  Please update these items with seasonal changes.

Please remember: Children need to be potty trained (this also means no pull-ups) and used to going to the bathroom independently as we do not have an ample number of staff or proper facilities to change children.

Classroom supplies

We are asking each family to bring in the following items to be shared and used as a class.

1) one Crayola watercolor paint set

2) three large Elmer glue sticks

3) one package of construction paper

4) one box of 24 Crayola crayons

5) one set of Crayola Washable markers

6) one box of tissues

7) one roll of paper towels

8) one container of Clorox wipes

9) one bottle of Elmer’s School Glue


Preparing Academically and with Life Skills

We use the word academically very lightly as we clearly don't mean you should teach them everything they are going to learn in school before they attend unless they want to of course.  Preparing for school is so much more about their dispositions and emotions rather than their achievements and abilities.  Sending in a confident happy child is the true aim.

Read, read, read!! Read with your child every day- it is one of the most important things you can do to help your child succeed in school.  Foster a love of books and reading.  Provide lots of opportunities to read, look at books, tell stories.  Join a local library.

Recognize and spell their own name.  Learn to write their name using upper and lowercase letters.

Write, write, write!! Create opportunities to write, color, cut and draw.

Games, games, games!!  Play counting, matching or memory games whenever you are home or on the road.  This provides a wide variety of learning and social skills.

Self help skills. Encourage your child to dress themselves, practice buttons, zippers and snaps whenever possible. This will help foster their independence.

                                               Please have a fantastic summer!! 


We look forward to starting the school year with our new friends!

Mrs. Krow and Mrs. Judd