I passed back Math Unit 1 book work this afternoon. In my past years teaching, I never had my students bring their books home in case they forgot  them at home and also there was a no homework policy. This is why I haven't been sending these packets home, in fear that they would be forgotten and not have them for the next lesson.

     With each of the sections, they are given ample time to finish during the actual class period.We have a whole group lesson and then time to work individually and small group time during that period or extra makeup work time later in the day. Please have them continue to work on them to receive bonus points on their final grade by Monday the 16th.  Thank you for your support in this learning curve for your students and for me. 

      In any upcoming Unit Math work, if it is not finished in the time provided, it will be given as homework to be completed. 

  • Unit 2 in Math has started with Even and Odd numbers. Most of the children had a blast with our first lesson! 
  • Unit 2 in Social Studies will be started very soon. 
  • In our Reading and writing we are moving forward weekly with the topics in My View, using weekly spelling words that go along with the book work and in their current story.
  • A couple weeks ago, we started reading THE BFG by Roald Dahl to help them understand more of the reading genres. This book will also teach the children kindness, empathy, and accepting our differences.