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Spanish (Mr. Garcia)

Below are the assignments for the week of March 23 - March 27.  Please print off the worksheet and fill in the answers.  If you do not have a printer available, please print your answers on a separate piece of paper.  Worksheets are all due when school resumes.  


Dear Students:
This lesson is a review of Lessons 1-11. The vocabulary it's familiar to you (not new). Please write you full name and date on each worksheet. Follow the instructions at the top of each worksheet. The first exercise was done for you as an example. It's important you will be able to do your best!
Exercises for this week:
1. Grades: Third, Fourth and Fifth. Pages 69 and 71
2. Grades: Sixth, Seventh and Eight. Pages 70 and 72
Gracias! Dios les bendiga a ustedes mis estudiantes y a su familia! (God bless each one of you and your family!)
Sr. Garcia-Maestro 
If you have questions, you may contact Mr. Garcia at (sgarcia-troche@materdolorosaschool.org).