Grade 1 (Mrs. Peters)


Hello Parents,

Sorry for the lengthy email but there is a lot of information to pass along regarding Catholic School Week and the great things going on in first grade.

Monday - Mass was celebrated and Mr. Brunault spoke to us regarding the Take and Eat Program.  The children made thank you cards for our community helpers.

Tuesday - Father Albert conducted a prayer service in the gym and the students were treated to a dress down day.  The students also brought in games and had some free time during the morning hours to play.  We also enjoyed ice cream sundaes after lunch for an extra treat.  Thank you to those parents that were able to scoop and serve!  During the afternoon the students cheered on their favorite team at the MDS Volleyball Game played by the 8th graders.  They had lots of fun and were exhausted after all the cheering!

Wednesday -  Children attended a morning prayer service followed by a school assembly presentation by the USO from Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee.  Students dressed down in patriotic colors (red, white, blue).  Family members that currently serve in the military as well as our veterans - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!  Items donated from our MD families were presented to USO representatives.  Thank you to everyone that made a donation.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!  Father Albert surprised the students today with a pizza lunch.  Children really enjoyed their treat!

Thursday - Children will be attending a morning prayer service.  They will wear their school uniforms.  There will be an Open House from 9am-1pm for prospective student/families.  Mrs. Fedora and Mrs. Brainard will be conducting tours (for those families that have registered in advance) to see all the wonderful things that our school has to offer.  We will also have various priests from OLOC and Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi speaking to students about their vocation.  There will also be a school-wide recitation of the Rosary.  All are welcome to join!

Friday - Children will be attending a morning prayer service.  Students may dress down in their teacher's favorite color/colors.  Students have been asking what our favorite colors are.  Both Mrs. Cubi and I like black, gray, and white.  To end Catholic Schools Week, the entire school is invited to the gym for the MDS Dance Party in the afternoon.

Below is what's happening in first grade for the month of February:

Religion - we are continuing to discuss what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Math - students are developing fluency for addition and subtraction within 10 and exploring strategies to add within 20.

English - we are beginning a new unit on imagination.  We are focusing on fables, folktales, and poetry.  In spelling we are continuing to focus on long vowels, singular/plural nouns, and antonyms/synonyms.

Social Studies - continuing to discuss concepts of jobs at home and school and how people work to fulfill their economic needs and wants.

Science - ontinue to discuss animal needs to live and grow and their differences/groupings; plant growth, makeup and differences.


Phonics - continue with punctuation, character, setting, and main events, glued sounds, plurals, and trick words.

-Valentine's Day Party - Our party will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 14.  Instead of the "traditional" party we usually have, the children will be decorating their own donut from Donut Dip in West Springfield.  Thank you in advance to Mrs. Brunault for arranging the donut decorating!  Mrs. Cubi and I will be handling the drinks.  If there are any additional items to be added, please pass it along to Mrs. Hilton.  She will contact me with any questions or ideas.  The children will also be exchanging valentine day cards with each other.  


-Remember to have your child bring in his/her folder daily.  We do most of our daily communicating through the folder.

-Please make sure to include a snack in your child's backpack daily , including 1/2 days.

-Please have your child complete his/her written spelling homework nightly and return in the folder the next day.  Homework is to be completed in pencil only, not pen, unless doing rainbow writing.  Going over the spelling homework verbally is a great way to reinforce at home, however, please make sure all work is completed in writing and sent in the next morning.  Also, please reinforce neatness and correct letter formation at home. 

-Students are tested daily on their knowledge of math facts.  This week math facts by 8's were sent home.  Children should be practicing math facts through 8 for fluency and not using their fingers, number line, or number chart.  PLEASE REINFORCE MATH FACTS AT HOME NIGHTLY!

-Mr. Meara, our computer teacher, has asked that all students bring in a headset to school for computer class.  If you haven't done so already, please do so ASAP.

-If you have not sent in an art smock or old shirt for your child to put over his/her uniform during art class, please do so ASAP.

-Please remember your school supplies if you haven't sent them in yet.  Please do so ASAP!

-Please make sure your child comes to school daily in the proper uniform.  Sweatpants are to be worn only on gym day.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

-The children are working on time management and personal responsibility for proofreading their classwork before completion/hand in.  They have been doing a great job!  Please work with them at home to reinforce this concept as well.

-If you haven't returned your child's signed report card, please do so asap.  Once received, we will make a copy and send back.

-If there are any questions pertaining to the classroom, please remember to contact the teacher(s) with questions/concerns first.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

-Thank you to those that purchased from our "Caring for Classroom" fundraiser.  We will be able to purchase much needed items for our classroom.  We appreciate all that you do for our class/students!

Mrs. Peters