Mater Dolorosa School PTO

Mater Dolorosa Catholic School PTO

On behalf of the Mater Dolorosa School PTO, I would like to welcome all of our new and returning students, parents, and families back for another school year! The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers of Mater Dolorosa School, who provide support and assistance to the students and staff of Mater Dolorosa School. Through parental volunteering and fundraising efforts, the PTO is able to donate funds to purchase educational materials, classroom and technology equipment, outdoor equipment for recess and the after school program, provide buses for field trips, and much, much more for the school.
With everyone’s hard work and dedication and collaboration, the PTO has provided opportunities that would have otherwise been unavailable to our children. For the PTO to be effective and truly representative of the school, it is essential to have parent involvement from as many parents as possible. Our goal this year is to involve as many parents and teachers as we can into PTO. The PTO will be fostering more parental relationships, teacher partnering, outreach, and will have much more visibility.
Please consider helping us help you, by donating your time with PTO. There is no volunteering that is too small or too big, if you ever think you can’t help out because you are too busy, please reach out to us and we will find ways to work with you and accommodate anyone who wants to help!
God Bless,
Eric Wood, 2022-23
PTO President
Spaghetti Suppers
Spaghetti suppers (Currently to-go only) are held in adjoining building at the Pope John Paul Social Center.  These are our major fundraisers for the year, and it is a good time to get involved and also enjoy a great meal at a good price!
Spaghetti Suppers are held on the first Wednesday of each month during the school year.  
The next one is scheduled for:  November 2nd, 4-630pm
PTO Board

The PTO board has been in a holding pattern as we work our way out of the ever-changing post-covid landscape.  However, we still retain 3 returning board members and one addtional prior board member acting as a liasion assisting until new elections can be held.  Please look below at our dedicated PTO officers who are volunteering their time to help run this great organization for our students and faculty:

President, Eric Wood

You can catch Eric in many roles around MD, in addition to serving his 5th year as presdient of the PTO, he is also the current MD middle school history teacher and 6th grade homeroom teacher. Also, you can catch him each month making his sauce at the spaghetti suppers. In addition, he is an active Holyoke Community member, serving on the Board of Directors for Holyoke Youth Soccer.  He is involved in many youth organizations and schools as a sports coach, currenlty he coaches soccer, ping pong, and gold.

Eric and his family parition the Bishop's masses at St. Michael's.
Eric has one daughter who is a graduate of MD school; and a son in 8th grade.

Vice President, Kevon Isa

Kevon has volunteered at many PTO/MD functions over the past few years and continues to help organize the monthly spaghetti suppers each month.  He is the women’s soccer coach at Franklin Pierce College, and also runs soccer clinics for the youth of greater Holyoke in the summer.  He is an active Holyoke parishioner, and has a son attenidng MD in 1st grade.

Treasurer, Nicole Johnson 

Nicole is an active Holyoke parishioner, and she has volunteered at many PTO functions over the years. She is a member of the MD Gala Committee.
With a background in accounting, she was an easy fit for the treasurer’s role. Nicole has 3 children, 2 currently attending MD in 6th and Pre-school. 

Volunteer Coordinator, Currently Vacant

Accepting Nominations at

Comunications Coordinator, Currently Vacant

Accepting Nominations at

The PTO can be reached by sending an email to