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Art (Mrs. Sabourin)

Don't forget Art!  Let's get creative!

Art for Week 1 

K-2nd  - Draw Your Favorite Stuffy or Toy

Since I know you have a favorite stuffy or toy, draw and color it so that I can see when you come back to school! Have fun!

3rd-5th -  Perspective Drawings 

Option #1 - Draw a square perspective picture same as what we have been learning in class.  ( you can take a piece of copy paper and fold to make a square) You can either draw shapes such as circles, a cross, Easter eggs or squares.  Remember to start with your vanishing point in the center of the square. 

 Option #2 - Or,   If you want to try making an “X” on the square paper, you can draw 4 parts of a city, town or country.

 6th, 7th, and 8th -  Tablescapes

Gather 3 items from any area of your house that will fit on a tablescape that are both decorative and different is sizes. (tall, medium and short)

Now sit at least 4 feet in front of your grouping, not moving around, and try to draw the grouping to scale on your paper, using interesting lines and values (light and dark).   Please use regular pencil or charcoal as your medium.

Art for Week 2

All grades- Self Portraits 

Sit in front of a mirror, draw your face and neck using pencil, add any medium you wish; including, paints, crayons, colored pencils or markers.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Sabourin at bsabourin@materdolorosaschool.org.