Grade 6 (Mr. Wood)

6th Grade Homeroom Contact Info
Mr. Wood - ewood@materdolorosaschool.org 
Hello 6th Grade Parents,
At long last my website classroom page is up and running!  
Please be sure to save this page for frequent checking, I will try and update throughout the school year with upcoming events, projects, etc for the 6th grade homeroom class.
In addition, keep an eye out on my Middle School History classroom page as well, for updates around class assignments, homework, projects, and more...
Thanks for your continued support this year,
-Mr. Wood
Currently, the 6th grade is learning about taking care of God's creations in religion class, with this we are doing a class-widde "project" of helping out our commjnity.  From Friday 9/16 until Monday 9/26, we will be collecting condiments (mayo, ketchup, relish, etc) for Our Lady of the Cross Parish's drive to benefit Margaret's Pantry.  Please consider helping support this cause if able to do so.
The 6th grade homeroom will have a box to collect them all, on the back shelf.
**I want to reiterate this is in no way mandatory or related to any portion of your child's religion grade.